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Man, weather people can sometimes be more powerful than God. Weathermen in my area were predicting huge storms and that sent my in-laws into a panic frenzy. Sunday night, when these storms were supposed to hit, all we got was a heavy dose of wind. I thought the weathermen were miscalculating again as usual. It wasn’t until I looked online this morning that I saw that some other parts of the country got the really severe weather. I guess I’m the one who miscalculated.

I know some people who live in Hawaii and they are miffed about the recent tsunami warning that came over the weekend after the huge earthquake that hit Chile. I say it’s better to be over prepared than not t be prepared at all. This morning I read an article about this same thought:

Scientists acknowledged they overstated the threat but many defended their actions, saying they took the proper steps and learned the lessons of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami that killed thousands of people who didn’t get enough warning.

“It’s a key point to remember that we cannot under-warn. Failure to warn is not an option for us,” said Dai Lin Wang, an oceanographer at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. “We cannot have a situation that we thought was no problem and then it’s devastating. That just cannot happen.”

Hundreds of thousands of people fled shorelines for higher ground Saturday in a panic that circled the Pacific Rim after scientists warned 53 nations and territories that a tsunami had been generated by the massive Chilean quake.

It was the largest-scale evacuation in Hawaii in years, if not decades. Emergency sirens blared throughout the day, the Navy moved ships out of Pearl Harbor, and residents hoarded gasoline, food and water in anticipation of a major disaster. Some supermarkets even placed limits on items like Spam because of the panic buying.

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