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I was reading a neat article about how to connect and spend time with your significant other. The first activity they listed was video games, which is right up my alley. I love to play video games that immerse you in a dramatic story and environment. The added bonus is my wife also enjys playing but enjoys watching me play those games even more. So, it really becomes a fun activity for both.

You knew this was coming. With all the motion games coming out, it was only a matter of time beforfe someone tried to create a video game based on sex. ThriXXX has taken the Kinect system for XBox and are developing a sex game, without Microsoft’s approval, of course. Here’s my issue with this: having experienced it in real life, what can virtual reality do that reality can’t? Sex is so much more fulfilling with a live human being. Maybe I’m the weird one.

My most recent gaming exploit has been into the realm of Little Big Planet. This is one of the most unique platformers I’ve seen in a very long time. And what makes it even more interesting is the emphasis. Player created content is the focal point of this game and sharing personally designed levels with the rest of the world is quite a uniqe approach to gaming. I plan to spend quite a few hours designing and playing.

I grew up in the mid 80s and have a fond remembrance of the video game birth from the Atari 2600. I remember watching commercials in awe displaying the newest game system, the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES is now 25 years old and is 3 generations removed from the systems available today. But here’s the thing. The system by todays standards leaves a lot to be desired in terms of an overall experience. Jeremy Parish explains that the reason video game fans remember the NES with such fondness is linked to the childhood memories associated with them.

I’m a saxophone player and only mildly interested in the whole Guitar Hero video game series. I do enjoy some of the band oriented games, but here’s my thing. The guys who put together the tracklist have a really odd view of what are good songs. I think the way to go is to have cheaper games (the graphics aren’t the real selling point anyway) and have more that are themed around particular bands. My first choice would be Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees.

For the football player who wants to control the latest version their favorite team, the latest iteration of Madden has hit stores. I’ve played various versions since the series started on the Super Nintendo in the early 1990s. I figure if I only play the game every few years, there are enough changes to evaluate and try.

I mentioned earlier that I played “Red Dead Redemption.” I am an adult who does play video games as a hobby, and I have been looking for a game to give me the experience of living in the vast open Old West. This is the game that does it. Nobody does open world games better than Rockstar and this one is massive. There are a lot of things to do in addition to the story missions, plus I enjoy just getting on my horse and riding around to look at the scenery. It’s that close to the real thing.

6 Dutch gamers set a world record by playing Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption” for 50 hours straight. First off, I can’t imagine playing non-stop with no sleep for more than 24 hours, let alone 50 hours. Second, I have played “Red Dead” and find it to be tremendously exciting in the single player story mode. I hope that’s how they did it. If they did multiplayer, that would make for a long, long session.