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I think skateboarding should but a Summer Olympics event but they just don’t want to give Shaun White anymore medals… I mean, he does already have his own Target line brand, that should be enough.

But really, it amazes me after all these years that skateboard is still not an Olympic event. Snowboarding has been one for years and it’s basically the same thing. Even skateboardings two wheeled twin, BMX, made the cut.

Heres my list of five sports I think don’t deserve the event spot over skateboard and why:

(ATTENTION this views are completely my own and by no means are I saying that these sports do not have merit, I am no judge of that seeing that I could never be in any Olympic event… ever.)

1. Archery / Shooting – Same thing basically and I mean come on, where’s the physical strain in this? These are not sports their skills. Next!

2. Water Polo – I don’t even know what that is…

3. Gymnastics Rhythmic – It’s called dancing, check out a London night club, I’m sure it’s cooler.

4. Trampoline – Jumping up and down on a trampoline and doing cool flips should be left for back yard fun. No one needs a medal for this.

5. Table Tennis – Last but not least… don’t get me wrong I love ping pong, and Forest Gump but lets face it, we’re never going to beat Japan.

There you have it my ‘5 Sports That Shouldn’t Be Olympic Events Over Skating Boarding’

Thanks for playing…



This was a great weekend, had some work, but otherwise spent my time relaxing and listening to the Minnesota Twins spring training game. Yeah, Baseball! We have a new play by play guy this year as long time announcer, John Gordon retired. Cory Provus has replaced Gordon and so far has been a joy to listen to. Provus was working for the Brewers with baseball legend Bob Uecker, but joined the Twins this offseason. I’m sure a lot of people are watching the games on tv, but it’s simply Americana when you listen to a game on the radio. His voice is going to be a great fit too, sometimes if you don’t got the right voice or delivery it ruins the broadcast.

I also dabbled into some other sport news this weekend, including hoops. I’ve never been a huge basketball fan, but I know Ricky Rubio was a big deal for the T-wolves and now he is out for the season! Possibly ending what has been a very exciting for the wolves! Football can’t keep themselves out of the news either, now I like football, but somehow we can’t go a week with out some sort of big news story. I think it might planned out that way, which is good for them, annoying for some of us.  The Saints story was almost 2 weeks ago, and then Peyton Manning last week. I wonder what the story will be this week?

Well, in the mean time I’m going to pull my Twins jerseys out of the closet and get ready for the season, maybe I need a new Twins hat.

I think this has to fall into the “What would you do for a Klondike Bar” category. Would you like to go surfing? Who wouldn’t; while it is a sport that requires good balance, most everyone who does surf seems to enjoy themselves. Would you surf a river that produces waves that last for ten miles? Why not, if something is fun, keep the fun going as long as possible. Would you surf that 10 mile wave if crocodiles lived in the same water? Check please.


Baseball season is back again. Hope springs eternal, especially if you’re a Chicago Cubs fan. Granted, my White Sox didn’t get off to a smashing start, but since 2005, I don’t care that much. I got to see my favorite team win the championship, so now I can sit back, relax and just enjoy the games. Win or lose, I’m happy.

People need to learn to grow up. The Bears-Packers rivalry is one of the oldest in sports, but there other things to keep in mind. If someone wants to wear a tie, that’s his business. I don’t care if other members of the Bears are known to come around to the car dealership, firing someone over a tie is just thin-skinned. The customers thought it was funny, so if they think it was funny, that should be the ultimate judge.