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Recently I’ve been on a research kick about wedding rings. If you think that’s a little weird, so do I. Truth is I never thought at 23 I’d be giving any mind to wedding bands and engagement rings but ever since graduation it seems all my friends are settling down and announcing wedding dates.

I’ve always been a good shopping buddy, my mom raised to love it, and I’ve got way too many girlfriends that I talk to about all things shopping. With all the wedding talk in the air it is hard to avoid the topic of wedding jewelry. Every one of my girlfriends seem to know exactly want they want, or more expect for their big day while most of my guy friends haven’t even thought about it – even the engaged ones.

So I took it upon myself to do some research for my fellow men and and Blog have been very helpful.

I’ve spent the last few hours looking at men’s tungsten wedding bands and they have so many it’s hard to choose. Good thing I still have time, I got to find the right girl first…

I recently ordered a new wireless mouse and keyboard for work off Amazon. I spent hours going through the hundreds of offers available and picked out just the one I wanted. I’ll be honest I was swayed by the one that came with Super Saver Shipping because who really wants to pay for shipping? So I order with Amazon “One-click”, which is always dangerous, and bam it was on its way.

Only problem was my “One-click” settings do not add the Super Saver Shipping automatically so I stuck paying about ten bucks to ship the package out to me. I tried to cancel the next morning (literally 9 hours late) and the order had already been processed and moved to shipping and Amazon informed me via e-mail that cancelation was not possible. Usually I am very pleased with this kind of speed but now I was put in a tough spot. So I said screw it and eat the ten dollar fee…

However when I got the package it was not really what I was looking for (despite all the research you just never know) and I decided I wanted to return it. I followed all the easy steps out of my order window and printed out the UPS return label in a matter of minutes, which again was speedy and convenient, but it also informed me that ten bucks might be taken out of my return to ship it back.

Now I didn’t think this was fair, although I  was the one who didn’t go through the motions correctly and didn’t want the product anyways, I still felt I deserved my full refund.

So I called up the Amazon costumer service line and got on the phone with some chick most likely on the other side of the country and explained the story just as I did above stating I thought I deserved a full refund. To which she replied:

“We’ll yeah, that is our policy, sir.”

Amazon is great.

Last night I found out Circa Survive will be making their way back to the Cabooze in Minneapolis for their fall headlining tour. Actually I was told they were coming this Friday by my friend Laina, who turned my on to Circa Survive in the first place, thus my trust in her word. However, I was quite disappointed to find out the show isn’t until after my birthday in October. Oh well, something to look forward to.

Another thing I found out, Circa is releasing a new record next month!

I just finished pre-ordering it off their website. The record is called “Violent Waves” and I got the first single ‘Suitcase’ for free with the purchase (although I think they’re giving it out for free anyways). I’m a cheap ass and bought the digital version for five bucks but the CD is only $10. I guess they dropped the label thing and put the whole record together themselves, which means less money out of your pocket and more money in theirs: brilliant!

I also had to throw in this rad t-shirt with the cover of the new album on it.



It’s weird to think that in the next five to ten years or so all my friends are going to be settling down and getting married. I’m only twenty-three and I’ve been to five weddings of my peers already this year and still have a few more to go before years end. My friends Kayla and Doug just got engaged and they have been on the topic of wedding bands for that last couple of weeks.

Lately I’ve been learning way more than I ever thought about different types of Jewelry. I seriously thought there was just classic gold and silver bands and thats all people bothered with. Yesterday Kayla told me about tungsten carbide and material that is becoming more and more popular for rings and other types of jewelry.

I guess Tungsten is a heavy stone material that is ranked as one of the hardest of metals and has been being used for over a hundred years now to make jewelry topped mostly with diamonds.

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend.













After June 12th’s post about buying a new Nixon watch I’m sure all you followers out there want to know which watch I settled on. Well since no one left any comments to sway my opinion I went with, well, neither of them. Well that’s kind of a lie. I went with the white one on the left but in black and gold with chocolate pin stripes instead.

The gold is just so much sexier; it’s screams “bam! gold watch!” Theres no better way to make yourself feel better from getting something stolen than to buy a big better sexier something to replace it. I really think this is the move I’m making here. It’s a baller in progress kind of watch; it looks pricey but not really at only $150. I picked it up on Amazon with my Amazon Store Card which I also just paid off, maybe the best feeling ever. Now I just have to wait for it to ship here before I’m on cloud nine.


Good Afternoon All,

Just got back from the Mall of America and picking up my new kicks for the summer. I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of VANS shoes, and usually I get a new pair of all white VANS for the summer. What I really enjoy is watching them turn from a crisp white at the beginning of summer to a beat up grey by summers end. Reminds me all things I’ve put myself through during the summer; the dirtier the kicks the better summer in my eyes.

This year though I was talked into a different route by my buddy Matt Honsa who works at the VANS store in the mall. I was all ready to check out with another pair of all whites when he showed me the new OTW Native American Ludlow, Men and I fell in love. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent more than fifty or sixty bucks on a pair of shoes but the $85 price tag was well worth it in my eyes.

I personally don’t see the big deal with Black Friday. Why do some people insist on getting up earlier than they would for a work day to fight others for toasters and other merchandise? I’m taking the simple route by not going, but my wife is going to download a Black Friday app for her smartphone and see if there is anything worth getting excited about.