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I am so excited to be living in the Twin Cities this year. Mankato has been my happy home for awhile but the night life just isn’t the same. Although I know have a job that requires me to be up at the crack of dawn I still want to find a way to take advantage of the cityscape around me. So I set out to find some cheaper things to do in the cities to keep me out of trouble after work.

Sporting events are always a great call but Vikings and Wild tickets are much too expensive and I’m not much for baseball. A couple of my high school friends have gotten season tickets to the wolves the last couple seasons and signed on to a great day that comes out to by roughly two bucks a seat. I talked to them to see what kind of deal I could get on the seat next to them and sounds like I’m going to be an addition to their Wolves family.

I can’t wait to see Rubio and Love play all winter!











Oklahoma City Thunder’s five point win last night over San Antonio capped off a three-game winning streak giving OKC the series lead at 3-2 and made this basketball fan hopeful for some game 7 action. After the the Spurs 20 game win streak to start the playoff I thought OKC had no chance but have been since proven wrong.

Also Boston has surprised me greatly hanging on and tying the series in the last two games at home. I thought for sure Lebron and Wade would make quick work of the old folk Celtics, but Kevin Garnett has proved once again that he is a warrior in this game. Also doesn’t hurt when Rondo is getting a million assists per game.

I look forward to watching game 5 of the Eastern Semis tonight on ESPN and hope Boston can stick one out on the road!

I’m all about the underdogs so OKC is my team, but I’ll cheer for any team if it means game 7.