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I’m a big fan of Pixar films. There are very few movies from Pixar I haven’t seen, and none that I’ve disliked. One of their more recent offerings, Up, was about an elderly widower who flies his house to South America using helium filled balloons to get his house off the ground. I always thought it was a completely illogical concept until I saw this article. I guess a few scientists and engineers got together to see if lifting a house with balloons is possible.

What is the most memorable Natalie Portman film role? For most men around 30-40 years old, it’s Star Wars for reasons other than her acting. Joe Reid recently ranked her best and worst movie roles since there’s a good chance she can win an Academy award for her role in Black Swan. I hhad no clues she had even been in that many movies. I know her most from Star Wars. Now, the dialogue didn’t give her much to work with, and the outcome took away the suspense, but I didn’t think she was that bad. I would think it’s hard to act with nothing but green props for a man seems to view actors as a necessary evil.

I love science fiction movies and consider myself to be a bit knowledgeable when it comes to the genre, but after reading some of the entries on a list compiled by MSN, I may have to rethink that. They recently listed the 50 greatest scf-fi films, and most of the bottom are obscure movies from the ’50s and ’60s. I’ll spare you some suspense, Blade Runner is number 1 and 2001 is number 2. I’ve seen both movies, but I believe 2001 needs to be number 1. I can remember the first time I sat and watched the entire thing from beginning to end. I sat still in my chair after the movie ended trying to understand what I had just seen. When I finally realized it, I was overwhelmed with how the movie protrayed sophisticated ideas with minimum dialogue.

I am a huge fan MST3K. I watch the reruns on NetFlix and YouTube constantly. If you never saw it, people hurl jokes at cheesy movies. The cast changed over the years, but some of them got together recently to create the same atmosphere with mainstream movies. It’s called RiffTrax. You buy the jokes in a single mp3 file, you provide the DVD of the movie, sync the two up and commence laughing. I recently purchased the track for Twilight, a movie I can’t stand, and I love every minute of it.

I’m a big fan of the entire star Trek franchise, but I have to say that this latest movie from J.J. Abrams is my current favorite. It a perfect mix of action, fun, acknowledging the history of the franchise while embarking in a new direction. I will always have an affinity for William Shatner, but this new crew is too much fun to not make sequels.

3D movies

Here’s a little philosophical question for you: Does watching a movie in 3D enhance the experience? I’ve seen a couple of 3D movies, and I think I can honestly say that the experience of watching the movie in that format doesn’t add much for me. When I go to a movie, my main reason to see it is the plot. And the plot is not necessarily something that can be enhanced with 3D .

Jaws 2

My wife and I watched Jaws 2 last night, and it was interesting. I remember the movie from when I was a kid, but my wife hasn’t even seen the first one completely. Plus, my wife is a little on the jumpy side anyway, so when the shark was getting ready to make a surprise appearance on the screen, I grabbed her knee at precisely the right moment. The scream in the movie was nothing compared to my wife’s reaction.