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Growing up the American Pie series were the cult classic coming of age tales for our generation. I bet I’d be hard pressed to find one person who doesn’t know of Jason Biggs pie fucking scene; that clip will live on forever just like his character’s, Jim’s, internet pre-mee sensation. The second movie will always be my favorite but the first one is still a classic. I also enjoyed American Wedding but the branch of movies were never as good.

Now the original cast is back, and I mean everyone. I rented American Reunion on Apple’s iTunes store for $5 which beats the $7.50 I have to pay in the theater nowadays, you bring a date and you’re not leaving without spending thirty dollars at the movies. Anyways the movie was hilarious, definitely on par with the first three. If you’re a big fan of the series or at least the first three I recommend it with a thumbs up.

Did you ever think that a Christmas movie could give you insights into your personality? The people at Newsweek abviously think so. They put together this mini-Rohrshach test based on your preference. So, if you like The Grinch, you have this type of attitude. They only included 6 movies, and with all the movies out there, I think it would be an interesting experiment to analyze all of them.

I was a late arrival to the Hangover band wagon. I didn’t see it in the theaters, and my first viewing on DVD didn’t yield too many laughs from me. My wife on the other hand loved it. So, when I heard they were making a sequel, I kept informed for her benefit. I was surprised to see Mel Gibson had been considered for a cameo, and the details revealed in an interview with the director are interesting.

Is anyone planning on going to see the new Facebook movie coming out this week? I know we’re all addicted to Facebook, but do we really want to know the seedy details of its creators? I have enough issues in my own life to keep myself entertained, I don’t need to watch someone else’s.

From the “huh?” department comes an accusation that the latest Toy Story movie is sexist and degrading toward women. Apparently, the female characters in the movies and the overall series are nothing more than stereotypes. And that’s degrading to women. I think kids are smart enough to understand the equality of gender, and there are women all over trumpeting this message. Trust me, there will be no shortage of people who understand women’s aptitudes and attitudes.