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Ever lose your keys? What about your remote? Wallet? Pet? Child? Cigarettes!?

Ever lose your mind because you can’t find something?

Living a busy life can sometimes lead to misplacing some of the most important things in life. I know I find myself searching for car keys and TV remotes all the time. It can be a very frustrating problem but it’s good to always remember, people lose stuff all the time, it’s what you do to try and prevent it that can make a difference.

I’ve seen infomercials on TV many times through the years selling products that you can attach to your most essential items so you can page them I a time of need. Only problem with those is what if you lose the pager button?

Apple and the iTunes store have an amazing app for those moments when you’re phone goes missing: Find My Iphone. After registering your devices with the Find My iPhone app you can track and page your ISO devices anywhere you have internet access. You can even page one ISO device with another.


















I haven’t had my iPhone all that long but I have had an iPad for awhile so I knew what I was getting into in terms of what was out there for games on IOS and how they run (usually slow but whatever) for the most part. Surprisingly the iPhone 4 handles the games much faster than my iPad; playing games online with a friend was damn near impossible with the iPad but streams just fine with the iPhone. Maybe it’s because my Iphone is a 32 GB model and my iPad is a mere 16 GB.

Anyway, heres the only five games I’ve downloaded to my iPhone and the only ones in my opinion worth getting:

1. NBA JAM – If you know me I love basketball. I could hoop all day. But I was a bit upset I had to buy it twice to have it on both my iPhone and iPad.

2. Grand Theft Auto Three – Just like the PS2 game. Classic. Shooting hookers and stealing cars! Paid once works on both devices, what’s up NBA JAM?

3. Words With Friends – I like to think I’m smarter than my mom because I can beat her more often than not but my friends tend to whoop my ass so its give and take.

4. Phoenix HD – It’s like the old school arcade game but so much more colorful.

5. Angry Birds – The classic crack iPhone rubbing game. Enough said.

Fuck Temple Run though. I’m not sure why but it rubs me the wrong way.

I recently got an iPhone for my graduation from college and I just got it up and running and I couldn’t be more happy. I have always been a huge supporter of apple products my entire life. My first iPod was literally attached to my hip twenty-four hours a day, something my good friend Andy will never let me live down. I’ve been through more than a dozen iPods now and am currently typing this on my iPad; there is just something so sexy about owning a Mac product. I love it.

The sexy coat of glass this new iPhone sports worries me a little though so like any geek with a new gadget I started browsing for accessories. Amazon is always my favorite place to start; I even like to jump on Amazon before I go shopping at the mall now. You get a good sense of what is out there quick and about how much you’re going to end up forking over.

So I search for a few minutes and found cases of all shapes and sizes (well mostly iPhone shaped but you know what I mean). I’ve many of my friends shatter screens and back plates over the last couple years so I knew I had to have a case, but the phones design is so sleek I’d hate to hide it. I knew I couldn’t get a giant otter box even though it would give the best protection; they’re just too bulky and I couldn’t see myself pulling a brick in and out of my pocket. Nothing rubbery or glittery again for the pocket reason. I needed something that would represent me. Finally I found the Zagg leather skins and more importantly the NBA leather series. What’s better than a phone that looks like a basketball?


Add another contender to the world of video communications. Skype has officially announced its new app for the iPhone will allow users to access the video chat elements of Skype. Utilizing AT&T’s 3G and Wi-Fi networks, the service is still free for Skype to Skype communications. I love the fact that we are inching closer to Star Trek viewscreens and communicators.

I am so tired of hearing about the next silver bullet in the gun that will kill the iPhone. Every bullet up to this point has been more of a blank. The Droid has started to get some attention, but the iPhone still gets more attention, and now it’s the Blackberry Torch. iPhone killer? I’ll believe it when I see it.