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Tomorrow is Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hannukah are also this month. No matter which holiday you celebrate or observe, I hope this is a time of joy and happiness. And even though we celebrate different holidays, we all have one in common, New Year’s. So, let’s toast to each other for the upcoming year, that 2011 is a banner year for everyone.

Did you ever think that a Christmas movie could give you insights into your personality? The people at Newsweek abviously think so. They put together this mini-Rohrshach test based on your preference. So, if you like The Grinch, you have this type of attitude. They only included 6 movies, and with all the movies out there, I think it would be an interesting experiment to analyze all of them.

Well, it’s the last day of the year. In 2010 there are many goals I have set for myself. We will be going on our annual Walt Disney World vacation at the end of April and I really need to get myself in shape for all the walking I will be doing, so treadmill, here I come!

If you want, follow our Disney vacations at the blog Lisa keeps ‘Family Disney Vacations‘ – we just bought into the Disney Vacation Club at Bay Lake Tower. Should be a really exciting trip in April!