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My good friends at BuyFun.com are the Halloween Gurus. Not only do they have an incredible section of costumes and accessories on their web store at halloweencostumes.com but they also offer T-shirts, toys, and other great products.

What really impresses me about BuyFun though, is their over all atmosphere and passion for the work they do. I ran in their first annual Gorrilla Run to support the local North Mankato Mircle Leage and had an absolute blast. The team over at BuyFun always seems to be cranking out fresh new ways to run an online business while still being in touch with their community. After visiting their office and warehouse for the first time, being greeted by life size action heros and personalized dercoartions, it is clearly not your typically cubical maze but don’t let flash fool you a high level of professionalism exists here and between the loud looking walls lies a quiet working office.

The folks over at BuyFun.com are at it as always with yet another contest giving back. This one however is for the ladies and literally puts the money in your hands to do a Wonder Woman deed.

Calling all Wonder Women! What good deed will you do?


Halloween is Sunday, and watching what kids eat is as much a part of the day as costumes. Believe it or not, though, some Halloween candy is actually better than others from a health stand point. One of the less harmful is candy corn. I love candy corn, so I am really glad to hear that. Some people hate candy corn. That’s fine; more for me.

Thinking about horror movies and Halloween got me to thinking about Halloween costumes. I did a quick search and found this. I realized that if the main baddie in The Elm Street series looked like this, most guys probably wouldn’t consider it a nightmare. I would love to see my wife put this costume on, even if it wasn’t October.