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I was impressed with the Super Bowl. I thought Green Bay did a decent job of capitalizing on Steeler miscues. Of course, the biggest break was the interception touchdown. Even though that was not the last score by Green Bay, it ended being the difference maker. The offense went almost point for point, but the defense is where the difference was made. remember the old adage, offense gets you into the playoffs, but the defense wins it for you.

I waited a few days for the disappointment to subside from the NFC championship game before venturing out into the sports world to see what the media thought of the Bears game this past Sunday. I had my opinions and most of the people who study the subject seriously had the same opinion. The Bears just did not play well. No one player deserves all the blame; it was a team wide collapse. The coaches made questionable calls, it was just a bad game.


I recently came to what I feel is a profound conclusion. Life is a game, even though many consider it to be precious and sacred and special, which it is. But it is still a game. And we can play this game of life in one of three ways. We can either learn the rules and play the game to the best of our ability, or you can complain about how the rules are not fair. The third way is not to change the rules, like some think, but to change the game you’re playing. Do you realize that most of us are playing the game Payday while others are playing Monopoly. When I mean Monopoly, I mean the game of getting rich. I don’t want to play Payday anymore. I want to play Monopoly. I want to get rich.

In this economic age, it seems that knowing what to do with money is critical to financial security. The problem is most don’t know how to make money work for them. Robert Kiyosaki developed a board game called Cashflow to help people understand basic concepts of money. Now, if you play this game, don’t run out and think you can rake in millions. This is just designed to be an eye-opening tool to the physics of money.