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Happy April Fool’s Day. If you’re a prankster, I hope you make the most of this one. I can’t play pranks, I give it away when I start laughing too much. But I do love watching someone pull off a good prank. So, in honor of that time honored tradition, I offer this prank from a zoo. It’s not as extreme as some other pranks I saw, but it is more family friendly. Enjoy.

It’s hard to believe that the first decade of the 200s is drawing to a close. The news and events that have occurred in this year, never mind the rest of the decade, is enough to make your head spin. The people at JibJab have summed up the year 2010 with a fun song and dance number to review the previous year.

Have you eve competed in a caption competition? If you’ve never seen, someone submits a photo then others offer a caption to correspond to the photo. The caption can be funny or serious, but most of the times, the funnier the better. Here’s a random photo:

“It seems that Pinhead is a diabetic and Halloween is the worst season.”

Now it’s your turn.