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I have been making a list of things I want to remember to take along with me on vacation. We’re less than 3 months away and I feel so unprepared. I know I definitely need a new pair of sunglasses; even though I rarely wear them they sure come in handy on vacation. I wonder why that is?

Lisa is busy helping to plan a baby shower, so she’s internet deep in baby shower themes but I know as soon as she pulls off this baby shower, all her focus will be on this Disney trip!

We are Disney Vacation Club members and our ‘home’ resort is the newly built Bay Lake Tower. I must admit, it’s very modern looking and I was not a fan of that at all but it really is one of those “dream resorts” with the view of either Bay Lake or the tremendous view of the Magic Kingdom.

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The inside is something to be seen in person but just from looking at the photos I am in love with this place already! Even the commercial lighting in the lobby is magnificent!

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I don’t know why but January felt like it just flew by and now it’s already a week into February! Lisa is already taking inventory of the last minute planning for our Disney vacation! Within a few weeks I am sure I will be drug along to stores shopping for kids clothes and other items needed for this trip.

I gotta admit, Disney is a pretty cool place!

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