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Some of you may remember Kenneth Mars while some of you may be scratching your head wondering who that is. I am a huge fan of Mel Brooks’ movies and Kenneth Mars was in one of his most famous, Young Frankenstein. I loved his German police constable. He had one of the funniest lines surrounding the wooden arm he sported in the film. I was really saddened to hear he had passed recently.

This week marked the 30 th anniversary of John Lennon‘s death, on December 8th. I understand his impact and importance on popular music, but at the same time, I think some people have slipped into a bit of idolizing with him. If you compare him to the other Beatles, namely Paul McCartney, you have to wonder if he would have remained relevant if he had lived. The only people who talk about McCartney’s current stuff are his most die-hard fans. Everyone, on the other hand, seems to think Lennon would have revolutionized the world again. I honestly have trouble believing that.

Well, I guess we have our third. If you remember, I mentioned that celebrity deaths always come in threes. Last week we lost Leslie Nielsen and Irving Kirshner. I thought Aretha might be on the list after it was reported she had some fans organizing a prayer vigil for her surgery last week. But it turns out that it was Elizabeth Edwards’ time to go. I don’t mean to make light of this subject, and death is not a very fun experience for the survivors, but the law still seems to hold true, even though she was not really considered a Hollywood celebrity.

Well, this would be number 2. I think Irving Kershner was important enough to be considered a celebrity. When you can say you directed the best of the Star Wars movies, that’s saying something. Of course, we all know that adage that celebrity deaths come in threes. I wonder who will be next.

Wow. We lose Tony Curtis after a brilliant career n the same day we lose Greg Giraldo who still had some funny left in him. Giraldo died after an overdose on prescription meds. Here’s the irony. He was a staple on the Comedy Central Roasts and once made a Heath Ledger joke after the actor had passed, then told the audience, “He’d (Heath) be cool with it.” Ledger also died from a prescription med OD. I guess Giraldo can ask Ledger if he was cool with it.

How would you like to have this happen to you? You have the ability to purchase a company that tried to revolutionize travel with the Segway. You purchase with the intention of doing some things right the previous owner did not. Instead of soaring to new heights of profit, you plummet to the bottom of a nearby river on the very scooter your newly acquired company produces. Talk about a kick in the teeth.