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Working in an office every day, I know how important the right commercial lighting is. Often times, if the wrong lighting is in use, it hurts my eyes and gives me an awful headache.

The other day I was trying to find the most reliable exhibit company for a new client and I had to take a break from peering at the computer screen because my eyes and head hurt so bad.

If you own a business, please keep this in mind; if your employees are comfortable while they work they will be more productive, trust me!

We are Disney Vacation Club members and our ‘home’ resort is the newly built Bay Lake Tower. I must admit, it’s very modern looking and I was not a fan of that at all but it really is one of those “dream resorts” with the view of either Bay Lake or the tremendous view of the Magic Kingdom.

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The inside is something to be seen in person but just from looking at the photos I am in love with this place already! Even the commercial lighting in the lobby is magnificent!

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