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Some of you may remember Kenneth Mars while some of you may be scratching your head wondering who that is. I am a huge fan of Mel Brooks’ movies and Kenneth Mars was in one of his most famous, Young Frankenstein. I loved his German police constable. He had one of the funniest lines surrounding the wooden arm he sported in the film. I was really saddened to hear he had passed recently.

This is not about the late baseball player but rather the recently discovered golden voice of a homeless man. Williams’ recent rise from homeless to celebrity has pushed him into a huge spotlight. That spotlight includes not only TV lights but also the lights of the police. Williams was involved in a heated argument with one of his estranged relatives that got so heated a bystander telephoned police. I do hope that Williams is not on a path of self destruction from too much celebrity too soon.

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Well, I guess we have our third. If you remember, I mentioned that celebrity deaths always come in threes. Last week we lost Leslie Nielsen and Irving Kirshner. I thought Aretha might be on the list after it was reported she had some fans organizing a prayer vigil for her surgery last week. But it turns out that it was Elizabeth Edwards’ time to go. I don’t mean to make light of this subject, and death is not a very fun experience for the survivors, but the law still seems to hold true, even though she was not really considered a Hollywood celebrity.

Wow. We lose Tony Curtis after a brilliant career n the same day we lose Greg Giraldo who still had some funny left in him. Giraldo died after an overdose on prescription meds. Here’s the irony. He was a staple on the Comedy Central Roasts and once made a Heath Ledger joke after the actor had passed, then told the audience, “He’d (Heath) be cool with it.” Ledger also died from a prescription med OD. I guess Giraldo can ask Ledger if he was cool with it.