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A few months before school got out for summer someone super nice broke into my car, took my iPod, popped the truck and swiped my subs. Somehow I had left my car open and I guess I had it coming bumping around the neighborhood. It’s always the worst feeling after something nice gets stolen from you and you can’t do anything about it. So for a while now I’ve been jamming in the car bass-less, until now!

Last week I picked up a new Polk Audio subwoofer from Best Buy. I was real impatient but I managed to shop around all the local pawn shops in Saint Paul, every place I went had the same two 10 inch Kickers, a lot like the two 12s I used to have but we can’t go backwards now, and finally I ended up back at Best Buy where I started. I had my buddy Jon who works at Best Buy purchase them for me with his store discount and saved a ton of money. Best Buy always has real good car audio deals for employees. So thanks to Jon and Best Buy for hooking my car up with some extra bass!

I have a question for everyone. I went on a road trip this past weekend and had to gas up. Here’s my question: Why do stations put on the pump a pay inside button when you have to pre-pay anyway? There’s no logical reason to have that button if you have to go in and pay for your gas before you pump it.

Car Day

Today Dave is going to put the rear end on my Mustang! I am so glad I have Dave – he is not only an excelent car guy, he is my neighbor so I don’t have to go far!

I’d love to get down and dirty and help him but I don’t think my back could take it. I can’t wait to get to the doctor – come on January 26th!

Tomorrow is my birthday. Having a birthday so close to the holidays does kind of stink because I always did get those dreaded ‘combo’ gifts.  Even this year while I didn’t get a ‘combo’ gift, I got a gift early!

I gotta admit though, it is an excelent gidft and I can see why my other half could not wait to give it to me! She got me a limited slip differential from Ford Racing! Can’t wait to put that in my 2006 Legend Lime Mustang – rock on!