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What was the most engaging and entertaining news story in the pop culture world this past year? According to the Associated Press members, the Late Night battle between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno took top honors. I would have to agree. I think Conan ended up both the better man and the winner when all was said and done. He came out looking like the injured party and still got his own show on TBS.

It’s hard to believe that the first decade of the 200s is drawing to a close. The news and events that have occurred in this year, never mind the rest of the decade, is enough to make your head spin. The people at JibJab have summed up the year 2010 with a fun song and dance number to review the previous year.

Some people apparently want to start the next decade as soon as possible. Some have even gone so far as to offer a mid-year worst movies list for 2010. Now, the author did add the tag “so far” to his article, but he seems to really be interested in getting this year done. So, my question, is how appropos are his selections? Anyone go see some bad movies this year?