Recently I’ve been on a research kick about wedding rings. If you think that’s a little weird, so do I. Truth is I never thought at 23 I’d be giving any mind to wedding bands and engagement rings but ever since graduation it seems all my friends are settling down and announcing wedding dates.

I’ve always been a good shopping buddy, my mom raised to love it, and I’ve got way too many girlfriends that I talk to about all things shopping. With all the wedding talk in the air it is hard to avoid the topic of wedding jewelry. Every one of my girlfriends seem to know exactly want they want, or more expect for their big day while most of my guy friends haven’t even thought about it – even the engaged ones.

So I took it upon myself to do some research for my fellow men and Titanium-Jewelry.com and Belloria.com Blog have been very helpful.

I’ve spent the last few hours looking at men’s tungsten wedding bands and they have so many it’s hard to choose. Good thing I still have time, I got to find the right girl first…

Work is pretty lax on their dress code, it’s business casual but everyone seems to wear jeans and t-shirt half the time. It’s my first real job working in an office and I still like to dress up nice everyday, or at least tuck my shirt in.

But wearing dress shoes everyday can be a pain and leaves my feet hurting after work. So usually I wear my Vans OWT shoes which look pretty close to dress shoes but are super comfortable. But their brown so I really can’t wear them with my darker clothes.

Monday I wore all black and deiced to wear my old white Vans Chukka lows which are really dirt from two years wear. No one else seemed to care but all day I kept looking down and feeling like I look like a hobo.

I really need to find some black Vans that will work in the office and keep me looking sharp.

I’m thinking these will work…

Working the nine to five at Wells Fargo means I have to dress business casual monday through. Everyday I change out of my work clothes and into another outfit after work, I’ve never had so much laundry to do. I’ve never really been an undershirt guy either but now everyday I’m breaking out the Hans white tee.

I’m a skinnier guy so it’s hard to find dress clothes that fits well. Almost every dress shirt I get a Christmas from grandma is too big and bags around the waist so I look like some goofy balloon.

Lately I’ve been on the search for a dress shirt solution and I think I finally found the answer. Express at the Mall of America has shirts tailored for skinny guys like me. Their extra slim fit stretch cotton shirts fit me amazing. No more shirt ballooning for this guy, and they come in almost every color under the rainbow so they’ll got with any outfit.


Our old cat pisses everywhere. She always has and always will but now that I live at home I am an open target. It’s terrible; leave a pair of pants on the floor… pissed on. Open seat on the couch… pissed on. Fresh pile of laundry… pissed on. It has gotten to the point where we have ripped out all of our carpet in the house because it smell like cat piss so for the time being we walk around on concrete.

Hello Kitty? More like good bye Kitty!

I’ve had enough of this crap, or more, piss. We’ve tried every trick in the book but are willing to hear suggestions. Just don’t tell me to clean the box more often cause we do that shit like everyday.

Anyone else out there having this problem?

I consider myself a cat lover but this old cat has me close to switching teams. Although I’m sure a puppy is just as much of a handful.

Why can’t our cat be like this one?

My girlfriend and I rented the new Muppets movie the other night and I have to say I was skeptical at first, not being a huge fan of the Muppets as a kid (just not my generation, man) but I thought the movie was fantastic. We also watched Jeff Who Lives At Home that night; Jason Segel is the man.

Not only did the movie keep me laughing the entire time but the musical numbers were spot on and just dorky enough to be cool. The extra cast also had a remarkable amount of great stars, NPH and Jack Black have small roles but still add greatly to the story. The Muppets definitely came back in amazing style.

Even more amazing is the story of how the movie came to be. I guess Jason Segel was a big Muppets fan growing up (just like in the movie go figure)and first dreamt up and wrote some of the songs for the movie while filming forget Sarah Marshal. He then pitched the movie to whoever owns the Muppets and they told him there would never ever be another Muppets movie and that the world didn’t want that. So Jason, not willing to give it up, appeared on some night show and told the national crowd that he was working on the new Muppets movies. Then he basically told the dudes in charge that the ball was in their court: either make millions and let the Muppets take stage or disappoint (and maybe piss off) millions of Muppet fans.

I think we know what happen from here…

Moving back into your parents house can be a college graduates nightmare. You receive a degree after years of freedom and living on your own only to find yourself back where you started can be a rough realization. That piece of paper was suppose to make you set for life, good job, tons of money, your own house but for most of us thats not really the case and it sucks.

It also sucks for the parents though. No one hopes their kid will have it go off to college and then move right back in (at least no one sane). For me, it hasn’t been such a nightmare. My parents have always been really cool and understanding. Not much has changed in my social life since being home except that I talk to my parents on a daily basis now, which has been kind of refreshing. My parents are a much bigger part of my life now and I kind of like it.

One thing I learned about “roommates” in college is you have to do your best to keep the other party happy. In this case my “roommates” are the ones fronting all the bills so I’ve taken it upon myself to go the extra mile to make my parental “roommates” happy. My parents aren’t the tidiest people in the world (maybe hoarders worthy if you look downstairs) so  over the last week I’ve made it a point to deep clean one room in the house everyday. First was the living room, which was sad inhabitable, but now is a nice little family room where my mom and sister watch TV in the mornings. Tuesday was the bathroom which need a good scrub down. Today was the kitchen, which my Dad actually keeps some what clean. Tomorrow on to the front hall and maybe Dad’s studio this weekend.

A clean house makes for a happy family :)

It’s summer, the season for the great American Pastime called Baseball. I’m not to huge on Baseball but for some reason this year seems a little different. It’s not that my team is doing well (the Twins are below 500 as always) or that I’ve been throwing the ball around with my pops; I guess its just the fact that I’ve had a lot of down time recently and I don’t have cable.

Also the local bar across the street, the Cherokee Tavern, has great special’s during Twins‘ games. One dollar Ham’s pints (ick I know but not so bad after three or four) and half off select appetizers is a very appealing gig for me – ribs and onion rings for five bucks! I have yet to make it out to the ball park but the past few nights cheering on the team with the local regulars has got jonesing for a day at the ball park.

Who’s trying to see a game with me at Target Field?

Ever lose your keys? What about your remote? Wallet? Pet? Child? Cigarettes!?

Ever lose your mind because you can’t find something?

Living a busy life can sometimes lead to misplacing some of the most important things in life. I know I find myself searching for car keys and TV remotes all the time. It can be a very frustrating problem but it’s good to always remember, people lose stuff all the time, it’s what you do to try and prevent it that can make a difference.

I’ve seen infomercials on TV many times through the years selling products that you can attach to your most essential items so you can page them I a time of need. Only problem with those is what if you lose the pager button?

Apple and the iTunes store have an amazing app for those moments when you’re phone goes missing: Find My Iphone. After registering your devices with the Find My iPhone app you can track and page your ISO devices anywhere you have internet access. You can even page one ISO device with another.


















Beats By Dr. Dre have changed mobile music listening for the rest of my life. Like the first time I put a subwoofer in the truck of my car the extra bass in these head phones adds incredibly to the dynamics of the music. Add some crystal clear highs and you’ve got a wonderful listening experience.

I first bought the HD Solos a few years back. I absolutely feel in love with them! I wore them to school everyday and felt super bummed on my walk whenever I forgot them at home. ibuds use to be my headphone of choice and still are my alternative but they do not offer the range of sound the Beats do. The only down fall of the Solos is that the ear cups are small and sit on the ear instead of around and can cut of circulation, making your ears hot and red.

So when I found my solos stolen from my room I had to buy new ones. I couldn’t go on with any average pair of headphones. I ended up buying the more expensive Studio model because they were bigger and didn’t sit on my ear. They been great headphones for months now. The only down fall is that they need AAA battery power to work and a few times now I have run out of juice while out and about or I forgot to switch them off and they die.

Now I have my eyes set on the new Beats Wireless. They work both with and without a cord using bluetooth tech to wirelessly push the tunes to your ears. Also they run on a rechargeable USB battery.

Tuesday I went out to the beach with my two favorite ladies Abby and Cheddy. Both sported cute sundress over their swim suits and the ladies had lengthy discussions about dress shopping and True Blood while I drank beers and fried on my beach towel. Cheddy said she’s got maybe two or three dresses and Abby bragged about her collection nearing thirty dresses. Afterwards we went to Fat Lorenzo’s for pizza and gelato and both girl agreed over drinks that half the fun dress shopping is trying on all the styles.

Afterwards Cheddy had the shopping fever so we had to go to the Mall of America and pick out a new outfit because her man is coming back from Army this Friday. We hit all the major stores, and it seemed almost impossible to find something that wasn’t ridiculously priced. We ended up at Urban Outfitters and I picked up this blue dress with a red giraffe pattern on it. Reminded me of an LRG shirt I own with giraffe riding skateboards so I pulled it off the rack and handed it to her before she hit the dressing room.

Cheddy absolutely loved it, I guess I’ve got a good eye or something, and she only ended up spending thirty on the dress (the rest of the outfit is a different story). Abby’s going to be jealous but I’m sure I’ll get pay back for it when she drags me along looking for brides maid dresses for her best friend’s wedding. I wish they could just shop online for brides maid dresses, that’s what I’d do.