We constantly rely on our smart phones for just about everything, which is why battery life is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to cell phone usage. Lately I can’t get through a day without charging and thought, this can’t be right. Well here is what I was doing wrong. Make these easy fixes and find that you are charging less.

1. Get Rid Of Notifications ASAP: The fewer notifications you enable the longer battery time you will find. Go into your settings/notifications and sort apps: Manually. This will give you more battery time. I know I am guilty for putting these updates off, get rid of them asap.

2. Turn Your Location OFF: Many of us don’t even realize this setting is on. You can easily shut this off by going into Settings, location services and tap on/off slider. You will see you can also manually turn apps on/off.

3. Check Your Email Manually: This is a simple fix to make. Go into Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Fetch new data toggle, push off on top and then click on manually.

I recently ordered a new wireless mouse and keyboard for work off Amazon. I spent hours going through the hundreds of offers available and picked out just the one I wanted. I’ll be honest I was swayed by the one that came with Super Saver Shipping because who really wants to pay for shipping? So I order with Amazon “One-click”, which is always dangerous, and bam it was on its way.

Only problem was my “One-click” settings do not add the Super Saver Shipping automatically so I stuck paying about ten bucks to ship the package out to me. I tried to cancel the next morning (literally 9 hours late) and the order had already been processed and moved to shipping and Amazon informed me via e-mail that cancelation was not possible. Usually I am very pleased with this kind of speed but now I was put in a tough spot. So I said screw it and eat the ten dollar fee…

However when I got the package it was not really what I was looking for (despite all the research you just never know) and I decided I wanted to return it. I followed all the easy steps out of my order window and printed out the UPS return label in a matter of minutes, which again was speedy and convenient, but it also informed me that ten bucks might be taken out of my return to ship it back.

Now I didn’t think this was fair, although I  was the one who didn’t go through the motions correctly and didn’t want the product anyways, I still felt I deserved my full refund.

So I called up the Amazon costumer service line and got on the phone with some chick most likely on the other side of the country and explained the story just as I did above stating I thought I deserved a full refund. To which she replied:

“We’ll yeah, that is our policy, sir.”

Amazon is great.

Keep the parental lock off this web search…

Ball Screws, shafting, positioning stages, couplers and support rails sounds pretty dirty and so do most of their Linear Components SMI4motion offers. But these are not products of the adult market (although after watching a few of the videos one could beg to differ) they are the nuts and bolts of production machinery used for mass production in good old Henry Ford fashion.

What used to be done by assembly line workers in factories is now done by machines. I’ve always wondered who put these machines together and if their supervisors give them a fifteen minute break every few hours. SMI4motion can build

to your needs, offing motion systems for many industries as well as system integration and individual linear components. Whatever your industry needs I can bet SMI4motion has a robot solution for you.

Just make sure your significant other is aware before she stalks your web history.


Last night I found out Circa Survive will be making their way back to the Cabooze in Minneapolis for their fall headlining tour. Actually I was told they were coming this Friday by my friend Laina, who turned my on to Circa Survive in the first place, thus my trust in her word. However, I was quite disappointed to find out the show isn’t until after my birthday in October. Oh well, something to look forward to.

Another thing I found out, Circa is releasing a new record next month!

I just finished pre-ordering it off their website. The record is called “Violent Waves” and I got the first single ‘Suitcase’ for free with the purchase (although I think they’re giving it out for free anyways). I’m a cheap ass and bought the digital version for five bucks but the CD is only $10. I guess they dropped the label thing and put the whole record together themselves, which means less money out of your pocket and more money in theirs: brilliant!

I also had to throw in this rad t-shirt with the cover of the new album on it.



I haven’t had my iPhone all that long but I have had an iPad for awhile so I knew what I was getting into in terms of what was out there for games on IOS and how they run (usually slow but whatever) for the most part. Surprisingly the iPhone 4 handles the games much faster than my iPad; playing games online with a friend was damn near impossible with the iPad but streams just fine with the iPhone. Maybe it’s because my Iphone is a 32 GB model and my iPad is a mere 16 GB.

Anyway, heres the only five games I’ve downloaded to my iPhone and the only ones in my opinion worth getting:

1. NBA JAM – If you know me I love basketball. I could hoop all day. But I was a bit upset I had to buy it twice to have it on both my iPhone and iPad.

2. Grand Theft Auto Three – Just like the PS2 game. Classic. Shooting hookers and stealing cars! Paid once works on both devices, what’s up NBA JAM?

3. Words With Friends – I like to think I’m smarter than my mom because I can beat her more often than not but my friends tend to whoop my ass so its give and take.

4. Phoenix HD – It’s like the old school arcade game but so much more colorful.

5. Angry Birds – The classic crack iPhone rubbing game. Enough said.

Fuck Temple Run though. I’m not sure why but it rubs me the wrong way.

A few months before school got out for summer someone super nice broke into my car, took my iPod, popped the truck and swiped my subs. Somehow I had left my car open and I guess I had it coming bumping around the neighborhood. It’s always the worst feeling after something nice gets stolen from you and you can’t do anything about it. So for a while now I’ve been jamming in the car bass-less, until now!

Last week I picked up a new Polk Audio subwoofer from Best Buy. I was real impatient but I managed to shop around all the local pawn shops in Saint Paul, every place I went had the same two 10 inch Kickers, a lot like the two 12s I used to have but we can’t go backwards now, and finally I ended up back at Best Buy where I started. I had my buddy Jon who works at Best Buy purchase them for me with his store discount and saved a ton of money. Best Buy always has real good car audio deals for employees. So thanks to Jon and Best Buy for hooking my car up with some extra bass!

This writer is too young to remember a time before Ticketmaster became a global giant and processing fees became the lay of the land if you want tickets to well, anything. I’m sure at the time uniformed ticketing agency as a super beneficial idea: more security, more efficiency, further reach. It must have been a good feeling the first few years to buy a ticket for a show anywhere in the country at your local box office. But then the fees took chokehold…

I have always wondered what “processing” really went into these heavy fees for paper tickets. I can still recall the first time I had my concert ticket bar code scanned at the Blink-182 dollar tour back in the day. This was my first rational for these fees; it seemed very tech savvy and kept my ticket unripped and intact.

This year modern festivals are taking tech tickets a step further with the introduction of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Smartlock, Fabrikbands. My friends recently came back from this years Summer Camp Festival in Illinois and showed me these new tech bands for the first time. These new wristbands look and feel like a cloth bracelet yet have a small microchip of sorts in the clasp that can be scanned at the front door by the ticket taker. I just got my wristbands for River Edge Festival in Saint Paul and was happy to see they’re using the new technology.


I recently got an iPhone for my graduation from college and I just got it up and running and I couldn’t be more happy. I have always been a huge supporter of apple products my entire life. My first iPod was literally attached to my hip twenty-four hours a day, something my good friend Andy will never let me live down. I’ve been through more than a dozen iPods now and am currently typing this on my iPad; there is just something so sexy about owning a Mac product. I love it.

The sexy coat of glass this new iPhone sports worries me a little though so like any geek with a new gadget I started browsing for accessories. Amazon is always my favorite place to start; I even like to jump on Amazon before I go shopping at the mall now. You get a good sense of what is out there quick and about how much you’re going to end up forking over.

So I search for a few minutes and found cases of all shapes and sizes (well mostly iPhone shaped but you know what I mean). I’ve many of my friends shatter screens and back plates over the last couple years so I knew I had to have a case, but the phones design is so sleek I’d hate to hide it. I knew I couldn’t get a giant otter box even though it would give the best protection; they’re just too bulky and I couldn’t see myself pulling a brick in and out of my pocket. Nothing rubbery or glittery again for the pocket reason. I needed something that would represent me. Finally I found the Zagg leather skins and more importantly the NBA leather series. What’s better than a phone that looks like a basketball?


There’s been talk recently of companies using the carboard box computers ship in to be the actual computer. Well up til now, it’s only been smaller companies taking this initiative until now. One of the major manufacturers, Asus, is going to start building the motherboards directly into the boxes in which they ship. Thanks to Diane Pham for the heads up.

This is officially the age when technology is moving faster than we can think. That may not be much of as surprise to some of you, but I’m still getting used to some of the video communication technology I’ve seen. Samsung recently unveiled a solar powered, transparent TV screen. Not only does it use solar power but if you hang it in the middle of a room, anything behind the screen is still visible. The article I read suggested HUDs as a possible use for this technology. I’m just floored.