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I think skateboarding should but a Summer Olympics event but they just don’t want to give Shaun White anymore medals… I mean, he does already have his own Target line brand, that should be enough.

But really, it amazes me after all these years that skateboard is still not an Olympic event. Snowboarding has been one for years and it’s basically the same thing. Even skateboardings two wheeled twin, BMX, made the cut.

Heres my list of five sports I think don’t deserve the event spot over skateboard and why:

(ATTENTION this views are completely my own and by no means are I saying that these sports do not have merit, I am no judge of that seeing that I could never be in any Olympic event… ever.)

1. Archery / Shooting – Same thing basically and I mean come on, where’s the physical strain in this? These are not sports their skills. Next!

2. Water Polo – I don’t even know what that is…

3. Gymnastics Rhythmic – It’s called dancing, check out a London night club, I’m sure it’s cooler.

4. Trampoline – Jumping up and down on a trampoline and doing cool flips should be left for back yard fun. No one needs a medal for this.

5. Table Tennis – Last but not least… don’t get me wrong I love ping pong, and Forest Gump but lets face it, we’re never going to beat Japan.

There you have it my ‘5 Sports That Shouldn’t Be Olympic Events Over Skating Boarding’

Thanks for playing…



Our old cat pisses everywhere. She always has and always will but now that I live at home I am an open target. It’s terrible; leave a pair of pants on the floor… pissed on. Open seat on the couch… pissed on. Fresh pile of laundry… pissed on. It has gotten to the point where we have ripped out all of our carpet in the house because it smell like cat piss so for the time being we walk around on concrete.

Hello Kitty? More like good bye Kitty!

I’ve had enough of this crap, or more, piss. We’ve tried every trick in the book but are willing to hear suggestions. Just don’t tell me to clean the box more often cause we do that shit like everyday.

Anyone else out there having this problem?

I consider myself a cat lover but this old cat has me close to switching teams. Although I’m sure a puppy is just as much of a handful.

Why can’t our cat be like this one?

Managing a house hold can be super hard and stressful. With five family members constantly in and out and four pets our house gets a lot of traffic and a lot of mess. This can really pile up and the leave the house looking like a dump. While assigned chores and routine clean up can make a major dent in the task of keeping a house hold tidy, something it’s the little unnoticeable things that make a big difference.

I got my mother a Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp this year to help add a fresh scent to our family room. My mother just loves how it blends into our decor and more like a room accent than an air freshener. Their fragrance lamps come in a variety of shapes an sizes for any home or budget and also make great gifts! Make sure to check out these and more great home ideas.


I am so excited to be living in the Twin Cities this year. Mankato has been my happy home for awhile but the night life just isn’t the same. Although I know have a job that requires me to be up at the crack of dawn I still want to find a way to take advantage of the cityscape around me. So I set out to find some cheaper things to do in the cities to keep me out of trouble after work.

Sporting events are always a great call but Vikings and Wild tickets are much too expensive and I’m not much for baseball. A couple of my high school friends have gotten season tickets to the wolves the last couple seasons and signed on to a great day that comes out to by roughly two bucks a seat. I talked to them to see what kind of deal I could get on the seat next to them and sounds like I’m going to be an addition to their Wolves family.

I can’t wait to see Rubio and Love play all winter!











Coming out of college I had no idea what I would be doing. My father once said to me, “son, you have no money and no skills; talk to me when you have one of these”. For the most part thats true, I got degrees in history and english, not really something with a very marketable skill set.

So I got this job blogging, it really doesn’t pay much, but I’m happy to get paid to write.

Honestly though, blogging is not going to pay the bills, at least not for me. So I set out to find some kind of employment that would offer me more than ten dollars an hour here in the Twin Cities. I signed up for a million job websites and mailing lists, got Linkedin, and sent my resume anywhere I could but found little to show for it.

Then last week I was borrowing Craig’s List Jobs and found OfficeTeam. OfficeTeam is a Robert Half company that takes care of most of Wells Fargo’s temp placement in the metro area. I went in for an interview last Monday that went really well. After that they were in touch with me at least once day the rest of the week. A few back round checks (I had to get my finger prints done) later and I had a job by Friday.

I can’t believe how fast the process was, and now I am a new Document Auditor for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Eagan Minnesota.

Thanks OfficeTeam!

My friend Stacy is heading out to the golden state for a little rest and relaxation. I don’t think I have ever planned a trip in hopes of just chilling. Theres usually some kind of destination or concert I am trying to check out that sparks the need to travel. I guess doing the nine to five for the man can stir a need for a little me time in the spa but I don’t think I need to leave the state to take care of that.

Either way we found quite a lot of spa like services out west while goofing off and google searching. It’s great that you can check out things half way across the country in our day and age. I remember when my main source of business information was the yellow pages (when I was four ha). When looking up massages in Orange County, I found the most interesting to be CloudMover in sunny Huntington Beach. They offer  Organic Airbrush Tanning in Huntington Beach, Waxing in Huntington Beach, Natural Nail Care, Skin Care, Microdermabrasion, Body Treatments, Expert Body Waxing & Xtremetm Eye Lash Extensions and a few other treatments I’ve never even heard of. I really hope Stacy checks it out.

My girlfriend and I rented the new Muppets movie the other night and I have to say I was skeptical at first, not being a huge fan of the Muppets as a kid (just not my generation, man) but I thought the movie was fantastic. We also watched Jeff Who Lives At Home that night; Jason Segel is the man.

Not only did the movie keep me laughing the entire time but the musical numbers were spot on and just dorky enough to be cool. The extra cast also had a remarkable amount of great stars, NPH and Jack Black have small roles but still add greatly to the story. The Muppets definitely came back in amazing style.

Even more amazing is the story of how the movie came to be. I guess Jason Segel was a big Muppets fan growing up (just like in the movie go figure)and first dreamt up and wrote some of the songs for the movie while filming forget Sarah Marshal. He then pitched the movie to whoever owns the Muppets and they told him there would never ever be another Muppets movie and that the world didn’t want that. So Jason, not willing to give it up, appeared on some night show and told the national crowd that he was working on the new Muppets movies. Then he basically told the dudes in charge that the ball was in their court: either make millions and let the Muppets take stage or disappoint (and maybe piss off) millions of Muppet fans.

I think we know what happen from here…

Keep the parental lock off this web search…

Ball Screws, shafting, positioning stages, couplers and support rails sounds pretty dirty and so do most of their Linear Components SMI4motion offers. But these are not products of the adult market (although after watching a few of the videos one could beg to differ) they are the nuts and bolts of production machinery used for mass production in good old Henry Ford fashion.

What used to be done by assembly line workers in factories is now done by machines. I’ve always wondered who put these machines together and if their supervisors give them a fifteen minute break every few hours. SMI4motion can build

to your needs, offing motion systems for many industries as well as system integration and individual linear components. Whatever your industry needs I can bet SMI4motion has a robot solution for you.

Just make sure your significant other is aware before she stalks your web history.


Last night I found out Circa Survive will be making their way back to the Cabooze in Minneapolis for their fall headlining tour. Actually I was told they were coming this Friday by my friend Laina, who turned my on to Circa Survive in the first place, thus my trust in her word. However, I was quite disappointed to find out the show isn’t until after my birthday in October. Oh well, something to look forward to.

Another thing I found out, Circa is releasing a new record next month!

I just finished pre-ordering it off their website. The record is called “Violent Waves” and I got the first single ‘Suitcase’ for free with the purchase (although I think they’re giving it out for free anyways). I’m a cheap ass and bought the digital version for five bucks but the CD is only $10. I guess they dropped the label thing and put the whole record together themselves, which means less money out of your pocket and more money in theirs: brilliant!

I also had to throw in this rad t-shirt with the cover of the new album on it.



It’s weird to think that in the next five to ten years or so all my friends are going to be settling down and getting married. I’m only twenty-three and I’ve been to five weddings of my peers already this year and still have a few more to go before years end. My friends Kayla and Doug just got engaged and they have been on the topic of wedding bands for that last couple of weeks.

Lately I’ve been learning way more than I ever thought about different types of Jewelry. I seriously thought there was just classic gold and silver bands and thats all people bothered with. Yesterday Kayla told me about tungsten carbide and material that is becoming more and more popular for rings and other types of jewelry.

I guess Tungsten is a heavy stone material that is ranked as one of the hardest of metals and has been being used for over a hundred years now to make jewelry topped mostly with diamonds.

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend.