My girlfriend and I have been together for over 2 years, our 3 year anniversary is coming up in February. We are very serious and I know she is “the one”. After dating lots of crazy girls I finally found that girl that makes me tick. On our two year anniversary I gave her a promise ring but after another year with her I’m ready to propose. I’m waiting until she is done with her last year of college before I pop the question.

I have already been looking at wedding rings, for both her and myself, and so far my favorite is tungsten wedding bands. They are sleek, affordable and made of durable material. My girlfriend is a really simple girl that isn’t much into huge diamond rings so I think these will be the perfect match.

Levis are a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. It’s always difficult to find those jeans that fit nice, flatter you, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. There is nothing more comfortable than a worn in pair of jeans with an old tee and baseball hat.

My girlfriend just loves that I wear the same pair of jeans day in and day out. JK she’s not a fan. She thinks they don’t get washed enough, her opinion. But, I can tell you one thing when, and if, these Levis ever get to worn out I will be devastated. You know that feeling when your favorite pair of jeans gets a whole in the crotch or are just ruined. Life just isn’t the same.

Ever wonder where NASA, Apple or HP gets their parts from? I have a few friends who are engineer majors and it is so interesting to listen to them talk. It seems way over my head because most of the time I have no idea what they are talking about, until my friend explained a bit to me. He was telling me about this part called a Ball Spline that provides linear motion (smooth movement) throughout a contraption.

He got into explaining all the different kinds of ball splines: block, cylinder, flange, rotary, and two cut flange. Let me just tell you I am glad him and his friends know what they are doing/talking about because I struggled. I’m sure with the proper classes and learning I would understand much more. But I thought it was pretty impressive that most of the parts these guys were talking about are used at prestigious companies such as Bose and NASA (just to name a few). It’s interesting to get a new perspective on the day to day items used.

We constantly rely on our smart phones for just about everything, which is why battery life is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to cell phone usage. Lately I can’t get through a day without charging and thought, this can’t be right. Well here is what I was doing wrong. Make these easy fixes and find that you are charging less.

1. Get Rid Of Notifications ASAP: The fewer notifications you enable the longer battery time you will find. Go into your settings/notifications and sort apps: Manually. This will give you more battery time. I know I am guilty for putting these updates off, get rid of them asap.

2. Turn Your Location OFF: Many of us don’t even realize this setting is on. You can easily shut this off by going into Settings, location services and tap on/off slider. You will see you can also manually turn apps on/off.

3. Check Your Email Manually: This is a simple fix to make. Go into Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Fetch new data toggle, push off on top and then click on manually.

Recently I’ve been on a research kick about wedding rings. If you think that’s a little weird, so do I. Truth is I never thought at 23 I’d be giving any mind to wedding bands and engagement rings but ever since graduation it seems all my friends are settling down and announcing wedding dates.

I’ve always been a good shopping buddy, my mom raised to love it, and I’ve got way too many girlfriends that I talk to about all things shopping. With all the wedding talk in the air it is hard to avoid the topic of wedding jewelry. Every one of my girlfriends seem to know exactly want they want, or more expect for their big day while most of my guy friends haven’t even thought about it – even the engaged ones.

So I took it upon myself to do some research for my fellow men and and Blog have been very helpful.

I’ve spent the last few hours looking at men’s tungsten wedding bands and they have so many it’s hard to choose. Good thing I still have time, I got to find the right girl first…

I recently ordered a new wireless mouse and keyboard for work off Amazon. I spent hours going through the hundreds of offers available and picked out just the one I wanted. I’ll be honest I was swayed by the one that came with Super Saver Shipping because who really wants to pay for shipping? So I order with Amazon “One-click”, which is always dangerous, and bam it was on its way.

Only problem was my “One-click” settings do not add the Super Saver Shipping automatically so I stuck paying about ten bucks to ship the package out to me. I tried to cancel the next morning (literally 9 hours late) and the order had already been processed and moved to shipping and Amazon informed me via e-mail that cancelation was not possible. Usually I am very pleased with this kind of speed but now I was put in a tough spot. So I said screw it and eat the ten dollar fee…

However when I got the package it was not really what I was looking for (despite all the research you just never know) and I decided I wanted to return it. I followed all the easy steps out of my order window and printed out the UPS return label in a matter of minutes, which again was speedy and convenient, but it also informed me that ten bucks might be taken out of my return to ship it back.

Now I didn’t think this was fair, although I  was the one who didn’t go through the motions correctly and didn’t want the product anyways, I still felt I deserved my full refund.

So I called up the Amazon costumer service line and got on the phone with some chick most likely on the other side of the country and explained the story just as I did above stating I thought I deserved a full refund. To which she replied:

“We’ll yeah, that is our policy, sir.”

Amazon is great.

Wedding bands are kind of a serious deal. How do you tell someone you will love them forever with a little ring?

Picking out the perfect wedding band can be a stressful for deal for most engaged couples leading up to the big date. I know I have experienced the conversations and even gone out to a couple jewelry store with some of my friends that have recently tied the knot. Their are so many choices out there and so many different stores it can sometimes get overwelming.

The key with wedding band shopping, just as with anything else, is research. You got to get to out there to see what is out there. You have to know what you like before you make the big decision. There could be nothing worst than buying a ring you have to wear for the rest of your life on an impulse and then not liking it later on.

In my experiences (and I am by no means and expert) I have found to be a wealth of excellent information on all things jewelry. Personally I like their selection of tungsten rings, but that’s just me… feel free to take a look for yourself.

So not sure if any of you are in the marriage stage yet, but I surprisingly am. However, with engagement rings costing an average of $3,500 according to Ken Gassman, founder of the Jewelry Industry Research Institute. I’m not sure I can afford the typical “bling” for my blushing-soon-to-be-bride.

My lady, unlike many women, isn’t into materialistic items and I think she would be happy with just a simple titanium ring. One huge benefit about titanium rings is the price, with the range being more around $500-2,000, which is a lot more doable on my budget. But is it to cheap and chinsy as an engagement ring?  Don’t get me wrong, I want to give her the best but I think we could both agree that it’s not worth spending a month’s paycheck on one ring. Yes, it is the most important ring of her life but it’s not everything. Anyone have tips on engagement saving for this guy?

Work is pretty lax on their dress code, it’s business casual but everyone seems to wear jeans and t-shirt half the time. It’s my first real job working in an office and I still like to dress up nice everyday, or at least tuck my shirt in.

But wearing dress shoes everyday can be a pain and leaves my feet hurting after work. So usually I wear my Vans OWT shoes which look pretty close to dress shoes but are super comfortable. But their brown so I really can’t wear them with my darker clothes.

Monday I wore all black and deiced to wear my old white Vans Chukka lows which are really dirt from two years wear. No one else seemed to care but all day I kept looking down and feeling like I look like a hobo.

I really need to find some black Vans that will work in the office and keep me looking sharp.

I’m thinking these will work…

Working the nine to five at Wells Fargo means I have to dress business casual monday through. Everyday I change out of my work clothes and into another outfit after work, I’ve never had so much laundry to do. I’ve never really been an undershirt guy either but now everyday I’m breaking out the Hans white tee.

I’m a skinnier guy so it’s hard to find dress clothes that fits well. Almost every dress shirt I get a Christmas from grandma is too big and bags around the waist so I look like some goofy balloon.

Lately I’ve been on the search for a dress shirt solution and I think I finally found the answer. Express at the Mall of America has shirts tailored for skinny guys like me. Their extra slim fit stretch cotton shirts fit me amazing. No more shirt ballooning for this guy, and they come in almost every color under the rainbow so they’ll got with any outfit.